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Possible Comic Update Delay

Hey everyone, first off I'd like to thank all of you who are enjoying the comic so far. I'm very grateful that Vince is getting such a warm reception and already gained a few fans before the story even got started! You guys are awesome, don't ever stop being so.

Secondly, I want to give you all a heads up: I'm moving out of my apartment next weekend, so this week is going to be very very busy for me. With all the boxes I need to pack and the cleaning and other moving shenanigans, I'm not sure if there will be time to make a Vince update for the week. If not, then this is just a warning to let you guys know what the situation is.

There will be another comic, don't worry. You might just have to wait until another week, though. However, I'll definitely make it up to you kids, don't you fret! And thanks again for tuning in each week. I really am grateful for every one of you. =)

posted by sweetappletea @ March 6th, 2011, 11:50 am  -  0 Comments

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