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Drop Dead Vince Will Be on Hitatus Until December!

Hey cats and kittens! It's been a long time, we hope that you're having a nice October and having a ball getting ready for the Halloween season.

Unfortunately we have some not-neccessarily-bad-but-not-great news: Drop Dead Vince will be on an official hiatus until December.

The creator has had a lot on her plate this year and has recently gotten a job that has eaten up a lot of her physical and mental energy, and she's been in a pretty terrible funk that's made art and comic making difficult to do. As much as she loves our favorite undead teenagers she will be taking a bit of a vacation to get some mental R&R, which is what she definitely needs at the moment.

But don't feel too blue! We'll be definitely seeing Vince and Betty again in the future, and in the meantime you can continue supporting the webcomic by:

- Purchase the first chapter of Drop Dead Vince on Gumroad as a digital comic you can read on your phone or tablet for $5! It includes a guest art gallery, notes from the creator and an exclusive comic never before seen online!
- Purchase stickers, glow-in-the-dark pins, art prints, and more on the Drop Dead Shop on Storenvy!/a><
- Tell your friends and everyone you know about Drop Dead Vince!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and for your patience. We'll see you in December, and have a Happy Halloween!

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