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Happy 4th Anniversary to Drop Dead Vince

Happy 4th Anniversary to Drop Dead Vince, which has been rottin’ & rollin’ online since 2011!

Hey cats and kittens, it’s been a while hasn’t it? We hope that 2015 is going well for all of you so far!

As for the creator, though, it’s been really rough the last few months. We want to apologize for promising Vince would update again in December last year, when the time came the creator was swamped with her part time seasonal job and just had a lot of personal things on her plate that’s unfortunately still stacking up and sticking around. However, she’s taking this into her own hands and trying to get some help for it, and hopefully she’ll be able to get back on her feet again and get back to work on comics again.

Vince is not going to be a dead project. The creator still loves her undead teenagers and still wants to tell Vince and Betty’s stories, but for the moment the comic is going to have a wait a little while longer until it updates again. The creator’s well being is going to have to come first for the moment, and hopefully once things get settled down we’ll be back to updating again!

Thank you everyone for your patience, support, and for sticking with us for since the beginning. We hope to see you soon!

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